Thousands of couples have planned simple, meaningful + affordable multi-day wedding celebrations, and you can do it too with LONG WEDDING WEEKEND BY DESIGN.

LONG WEEKEND WEDDING BY DESIGN is a digital wedding planning package specifically for couples who want to plan a MULTI-DAY, MULTI-EVENT wedding celebration.

Whether you're stuck in the initial "I don't think we can pull that off with our time & budget constraints" phase, OR you've already committed and started planning - finally, an incredibly straightforward, complete guide to planning your multi-day wedding from start to finish ... WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO GUESSWORK.


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"I was sharing with a friend this morning how special our wedding weekend was ..."

See how this couple used the LONG WEDDING WEEKEND methodology to design a life-changing experience for their guests:


Share your SPECIFIC THOUGHTS, QUESTIONS, DOUBTS, CONCERNS, ROADBLOCKS & FRUSTRATIONS about hosting a long wedding weekend in a small group strategy session scheduled for May 20th @ 11:00 AM PST.

  • Access multiple, ongoing opportunities for LIVE Q&A SESSIONS about planning your long weekend wedding celebration, and get YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ANSWERED! You might be wondering ...

  • "How do we allocate our budget across 3-4 days of hosting?"

  • "What's the easiest way to communicate with our guests throughout the hustle & bustle of multiple parties / events?"

  • "Part of me wants to go for it, but part of me feels like it's just going to be too much and take away from the actual wedding day - how do we know we're not biting off more than we can chew?"

  • "Is it cheap to invite guests to meet up at a bar for happy hour, but not pick up the tab for the group?"

  • "Do we have to provide transportation for each event if people will be drinking?"

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Get ready to invest more TIME with the people you love most.

Cut the stress, remove the guesswork, and confidently start designing the LONG WEDDING WEEKEND of your dreams today!