Welcome to The VAULT, a unique subscription-based planning tool for couples who are dreaming of an UNFORGETTABLE WEDDING CELEBRATION ...

minus the crushing stress, expense, and overwhelm felt by so many engaged couples. Inside you'll find a complete 3-STEP FRAMEWORK that shows you exactly how to:


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    Forget hours of guesswork and endless online research looking for answers + advice. Membership unlocks all the tools you need to CREATE A SMART, SIMPLE, & PERSONALIZED WEDDING MASTER PLAN, from start to finish.


    with creative swaps + unique alternatives to costly traditional solutions. UNCOVER THE HIDDEN TRUTH about contracts, fees, timelines, availability, and pricing.


    NEGOTIATE & MAKE CONFIDENT DECISIONS about what you need - and what you DON'T need - with behind-the-scenes wedding industry insights that most engaged couples are never even aware of.


    Say goodbye to that mile-long, overwhelming wedding planning checklist. Access a proven 3-step framework that transforms your engagement from overwhelm to ease by helping you TUNE OUT THE NOISE, IDENTIFY YOUR PRIORITIES + STICK WITH THEM. It's that simple!

It's no secret that weddings have changed A LOT over the past couple of years ... and it's finally time to embrace an updated planning strategy that prioritizes YOU.

This is your opportunity to join thousands of engaged couples who have discovered a powerful new way to plan their dream celebrations, MINUS THE STRESS + OVERWHELM + EXCESS felt by so many engaged couples ...

You know that having a STREAMLINED & SIMPLIFIED wedding "master plan" will save you hours of time, overwhelm, and frustration (not to mentioned potentially thousands of dollars). But ... how do you actually MAKE A STREAMLINED & SIMPLIFIED MASTER PLAN?

Inside The VAULT is a straightforward, 3-STEP PLANNING FRAMEWORK that's incredibly easy to follow. Better yet, it works with any budget, any planning timeline, and any hosting format. Here, see for yourself exactly what's waiting for you inside:

    1. VIDEO TOUR | a powerful new way to plan

    2. 1-ON-1 WEDDING STRATEGY CALLS | reserve your time here

    3. GETTING STARTED | your next steps

    4. ENGAGEMENT STARTER KIT | the complete playlist

    1. 1. WEDDING BELIEFS & EXPECTATIONS | time for a refresh

    2. 1.1 Beliefs & Expectations, FLIPPED pdf

    3. 2. YOUR WEDDING VISION | a detailed walk-through

    4. 2.1 Getting Started with Your WEDDING VISION pdf

    5. 3. PRIORITIES | creating space for what matters most

    6. 4. AFFIRMATIONS | repeat after me ...

    7. FREE GIFT | wedding affirmation cards >>> $20 value!

    1. 1. UNCOVERING YOUR CORE VALUES | a detailed process


    3. CONNECTION | sample values integration

    4. CREATIVITY | sample values integration

    5. FREEDOM | sample integration

    6. GRATITUDE | sample integration

    7. SIMPLICITY | sample integration


    1. First, LET'S TALK STRATEGY.

    2. BONUS ENGAGEMENT CHECKLIST | 10 Items To Get You Started

    3. WEEK 1 | A WEDDING BUDGET in perfect alignment w/ your top priorities.

    4. WEEK 2 | A WEDDING VENUE that reflects your vision.

    5. WEEK 3 | GUEST LIST considerations

    6. WEEK 4 | Do we need A WEDDING PLANNER?

    7. WEEK 5 | DRESS, SUIT & TUX shopping tips

    8. WEEK 6 | Choosing YOUR WEDDING PARTY


    10. WEEK 8 | CATERING food & drinks


    12. WEEK 10 | ENTERTAINMENT ideas

    13. WEEK 11 | YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY & vows

    14. WEEK 12 | WEDDING DAY TIMELINES to keep you on track.

    15. MASTER WEDDING PLANNING TIMELINE w/ links to additional resources

    16. QUESTIONS?

    1. *ALL NEW!* Eight Ways to Save $3,650 on Your Wedding

    2. *ALL NEW!* Navigate Your Wedding Budget w/ ZERO STRESS in 3 Easy Steps!


    4. 50 BUDGET ITEMS Couples Fail to Plan For

    5. 20 Easy Ways to SAVE $500+

    6. MICRO WEDDING Trends & Hosting Tips

    7. Side Hustle Your Way to More Cash for the Wedding

    8. Creative Ways to Save THOUSANDS on Your Wedding

    9. SPLURGE vs SAVE | Aligning Your Wedding Priorities

    10. When Trying to Save Money on the Wedding BACKFIRES

    11. Wedding Budget Basics

    12. Guest List + Budget Concerns

    13. Cutting Costs for a Large Wedding

    14. Wedding Money Savers | Catering, Entertainment, Transportation

    15. Do you REALLY Need These Vendors?

    1. *ALL NEW!* Shopping for Your Wedding Venue & Things to Negotiate


    3. Wedding Venue Q&A + Shopping Checklist

    4. RECEPTION TENT Rental Info & Size Guidelines PDF

    5. Planning & Hosting a Backyard Wedding *UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON*

    6. Destination Weddings w/ Susan's Travel Services *UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON*

    7. 3 Simple Wedding Celebration Ideas | Courthouse, Cupcakes, & Cocktails

    8. Wedding Venue Budget *Pep Talk*

    9. Mapping Your Reception Floor Space

    10. Mixing Venue, Friends, Money & Wedding

    11. Blueprint | Maximizing Your Wedding Venue

    12. Wedding Ceremony Site Capacity Issues

    13. Wedding Venue Buyer's Remorse

Enjoy PREMIUM MEMBER BENEFITS for just $49 / month, and a generous money-back promise:

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"Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air!"

Past couples share exactly how membership to The VAULT planning package will transform your wedding planning journey from OVERWHELM to EASE:

“Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air! I want to extend my thanks for your wealth of PRACTICAL ADVICE & SUGGESTIONS for circumventing typical wedding industry standards. I've never desired to have a cookie-cutter wedding, and your advice has given me so much creative insight, AND has made me feel validated in wanting to have a unique + classy wedding that doesn't entirely follow the status-quo.”

Brittany N.

“I was so stressed, feeling bitter towards my future in-laws, and starting to really hate the wedding industry. A girlfriend from work mentioned I should look up the Wedding Planning Podcast - I immediately fell in love with Kara, and joined her online planning package, The Vault. HER GENEROSITY OF TIME & SPIRIT IS MIND-BLOWING. We had 3 calls together that completely ignited my excitement about the incredible celebration that I could finally see unfolding. Thank you, Kara. I don't know what I would have done without your clear-headed, calming support.”

Haley S.

“Our wedding plans were A COMPLETE DISASTER before membership to The VAULT. I had a faint vision, but no clue how to get there. This easy framework helped us to prioritize what truly matters, and to tune the rest out. The ability to send in questions was KEY. Kara, we would have been lost in frustration and overwhelm without you!”

Beth & Matthew

“Thank you so much, you made the wedding planning so much easier and not so overwhelming, and also helped me not completely get out of control with my budget. I loved how accessible the short podcasts were, and in the end, it saved me TONS of money!”


“I was so excited to hear my question when I listened to this week’s show - thanks so much for featuring it, and THANK YOU for being such a huge part in planning our wedding. I remember how overwhelmed it felt at first and how it didn’t feel fun at all. Total 180 now, I'm finally having fun planning. I’m SO HAPPY I stumbled upon Wedding Planning Podcast!”


“I'm doing all my wedding planning myself and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the archive of shows and the extensive content on the Vault. I recommend it to every friend as they get engaged.”

Holly S.

“I was looking for an inclusive wedding planning podcast with a host who supports my wedding as much as any other. And one who is brilliant in all things weddings!! That is my very long thank you, Kara. You make a difference in my life.”

Chris O.

“Having access to The VAULT is an amazing resource and covers just about everything - I highly recommend it to others!”

Elle B.

It's OK to ditch the "OVERWHELMED ENGAGED COUPLES" corner. Go ahead and say GOODBYE to ...

  • The $72 BILLION DOLLAR wedding industry's priorities, pushed by social media and corporate wedding websites via all those "free" checklists + planning tools.

  • UNNECESSARY vendors, products & services with inflated price tags, confusing packages, sky-high deposits, and intimidating contracts.

  • OLD-FASHIONED wedding traditions that are embarrassing, costly, and aren't meaningful to you.

  • CRAZY EXCESS + EXPENSE that's glamorized everywhere on social media. No more FOMO or fear of judgement for what you do, or what you don't do!

  • OUTDATED "ETIQUETTE RULES" that make no sense and wind up costing you time, money & stress.


  • What if I have a question about my wedding that's not addressed in the digital materials?

    *ALL NEW BONUS!* Membership includes one 30-minute Wedding Strategy Call each month, for the lifetime of your subscription. So collect all those questions, and we'll review them together on our next call!

  • How long does my subscription last?

    Membership is renewed monthly, and you're free to CANCEL ANYTIME. Enjoy a 30-day, money back guarantee - zero questions asked.

  • What's the difference between free weekly podcast episodes and The VAULT?

    Free weekly shows of the Wedding Planning Podcast are released in no special order, contain advertisements from our valued partners, and expire after a set number of months. Shows within The VAULT membership package are carefully organized in sequential order of planning importance, are searchable, and are always available to you ON-DEMAND, 100% ad-free.

  • Are there any 1-on-1 calls included?

    *ALL NEW BONUS!* Membership includes one 30-minute Wedding Strategy Call each month, for the lifetime of your subscription. So collect all those questions, and we'll review them together on our next call!

Hiring a FULL-SERVICE WEDDING PLANNER to walk you through the lengthy & confusing process of planning your wedding carries a price tag in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

  • In the past, I've personally charged $100+ / hour for wedding planning services & event consulting.

  • If we do the math using that hourly rate, the precious contents of THE VAULT are worth over $7000!

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BREAKING NEWS >>> Planning the happiest day of your life SHOULD BE FUN.

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