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Most overwhelmed engaged couples dive right in to making BIG wedding decisions ... with friends, family, and free websites all clamoring to guide their next steps. But without a strategic master plan & realistic wedding vision, it's easy to get lost in CRUSHING OVERWHELM and loads of UNFORESEEN EXPENSES. That's why I created The VAULT, where together we can create a stress-free, streamlined roadmap to your dream wedding celebration!

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"Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air!"

Past couples share exactly how The VAULT will transform your wedding planning journey from OVERWHELM to EASE:

“Thank you so much, you made the wedding planning so much easier and not so overwhelming, and also helped me not completely get out of control with my budget. I loved how accessible the short podcasts were, and in the end, it saved me TONS of money!”


“I was so excited to hear my question when I listened to this week’s show - thanks so much for featuring it, and THANK YOU for being such a huge part in planning our wedding. I remember how overwhelmed it felt at first and how it didn’t feel fun at all. Total 180 now, I'm finally having fun planning. I’m SO HAPPY I stumbled upon Wedding Planning Podcast!”


“Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air! ... I want to extend my thanks for your wealth of practical advice & suggestions for circumventing typical wedding industry standards. I've never desired to have a cookie-cutter wedding, and your podcast has given me so much creative insight, AND has made me feel validated in wanting to have a unique + classy wedding that doesn't entirely follow the status-quo.”

Brittany N.

“I'm doing all my wedding planning myself and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the archive of shows and the extensive content on the Vault. I recommend it to every friend as they get engaged.”

Holly S.

“I was looking for an inclusive wedding planning podcast with a host who supports my wedding as much as any other. And one who is brilliant in all things weddings!! That is my very long thank you, Kara. You make a difference in my life.”

Chris O.

“Thank you so much for these special “support” episodes you are doing during this (COVID-19) pandemic. In such a uncertain situation, knowing we’re all here to support one another is a real comfort. So a BIG THANK YOU!”


“Having access to The VAULT is an amazing resource and covers just about everything - I highly recommend it to others!”

Elle B.

Let's face it, WEDDINGS have changed ... shouldn't your WEDDING PLANNER?


sounds good ... but WHAT'S INCLUDED?

Cut the guesswork, say goodbye to overwhelm, and kiss those unnecessary expenses goodbye. I've laid out a DETAILED ROADMAP to planning your DREAM WEDDING CELEBRATION, from start to finish:

  • 1

    WELCOME {virtual hug!}

    • Congratulations on your engagement! Here, I'll show you around 😉

  • 2

    ALIGNED WEDDING EFFECT | bonus series

    • EPISODE ONE | Planning Your Dream Wedding Celebration the NEW WAY

    • EPISODE TWO | Aligning Your Values

    • EPISODE THREE | Aligning Your Wedding Strategy, Priorities & Decisions

    • EPISODE FOUR | Bringing it all Together

  • 3

    ENGAGED | let's get started

    • STEP ONE | Engagement Starter Kit

    • STEP ONE *BONUS VIDEO!* Using Pinterest Like a Pro

    • STEP TWO | Engagement Starter Kit

    • STEP THREE | Engagement Starter Kit

    • ENGAGEMENT STARTER KIT | Master Checklist PDF

    • *BONUS AUDIO!* Your ULTIMATE Engagement Checklist


    • *ALL NEW!* Unique Ideas for Hosting Your ENGAGEMENT Party

    • *ALL NEW!* Silver Linings in the Wedding World of 2021

  • 4

    WEDDING PLANNING ESSENTIALS | members-only bonus episodes









    • 8. FOOD & DRINKS






  • 5

    VAULT MEMBER BONUS | LIVE wedding planning strategy sessions

    • PART ONE | Meet Kate, and let's get this party started!

    • PART ONE Audio | Meet Kate

    • PART TWO | Planning a very NON-TRADITIONAL wedding celebration

    • PART TWO Audio | Non-traditional celebration

    • PART THREE Audio | Searching for Offbeat Venues

    • PART THREE | Offbeat Venue Search

    • PART FOUR | Surprise Engagement Party, DIY Photo Shoot, Bridesmaids & More!

    • PART FIVE | Planning in Big Sur, a Promising New Venue Possibility, Save the Dates & More!

  • 6


    • ASK ANYTHING! Your VIP Pass to Q&A's

    • *ALL NEW!* Venue Deposits, Hotel Room Blocks, DJ Alternatives Q&A

    • "Face-to-Face" Wedding Q&A

    • SPECIAL UPDATE | Your 2021 COVID Wedding FAQ's

    • Invitation Etiquette, Wedding Insurance, Live Streaming Ceremony Wedding Q&A

    • Travel Time, DIY Cocktail Hour, First Look Wedding Q&A

    • Timeline, Family, Bridal Expo Wedding Q&A (BONUS - includes show notes!)

    • Pre-Wedding Anxiety Q&A (BONUS - includes show notes!)

    • Challenging Family Situations Wedding Q&A

    • COVID Wedding Etiquette Q&A

    • Getting Started, Dress Code, Bridal Party Wedding Q&A

    • Cheap Reception Decorations, Invitation "B" List, Dietary Concerns Q&A

    • Classic Wedding Q&A

    • Recipe for Your Perfect Wedding Q&A

    • Wedding Dress Q&A

    • Wedding Decorations & DIY Project Q&A

    • Honeymoon, Reception Decorations, Family Q&A

  • 7

    BUDGET | more shows

    • *ALL NEW!* Navigate Your Wedding Budget w/ ZERO STRESS in 3 Easy Steps!

    • 10 Creative Wedding Money Savers

    • Side Hustle Your Way to More Cash for the Wedding

    • Micro Wedding Trends & Hosting Tips

    • SPLURGE vs SAVE | Aligning Your Wedding Priorities

    • Money Saving Wedding Swaps

    • When Trying to Save Money on the Wedding BACKFIRES

    • Wedding Budget Basics

    • Guest List + Budget Concerns

    • Cutting Costs for a Large Wedding

    • Wedding Money Savers | Catering, Entertainment, Transportation

    • Do you REALLY Need These Vendors?

  • 8

    VENUE | more shows

    • *ALL NEW!* Shopping for Your Wedding Venue & Things to Negotiate

    • Wedding Venue Q&A + Shopping Checklist

    • Planning & Hosting a Backyard Wedding

    • Why Destination Weddings are SO HOT Right Now ...

    • 3 Simple Wedding Celebration Ideas | Courthouse, Cupcakes, & Cocktails

    • Wedding Venue Budget *Pep Talk*

    • Mapping Your Reception Floor Space

    • Mixing Venue, Friends, Money & Wedding

    • Blueprint | Maximizing Your Wedding Venue

    • Wedding Ceremony Site Capacity Issues

    • Wedding Venue Buyer's Remorse


  • 9

    GUEST LIST + INVITATIONS | more shows

    • *ALL NEW SHOW!* Getting Started with Your Wedding Guest List

    • Wedding Invitations, Simplified!

    • DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

    • Are "e-Vites" Tacky?

    • Who Gets a "Plus One" on their invitation?

    • Permission NOT to Invite this Person ...

  • 10

    HIRING VENDORS | more shows

    • OVERVIEW | Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

    • *ALL NEW!* Important Guidelines for Working w/ Friends for Wedding Services

    • *VAULT BONUS* Training a Friend to Be Your Day Of Coordinator

    • *VAULT BONUS* Taking a Chance on a "Rookie" Wedding Vendor

    • CHECKLIST | The Priceless Questions to ask EVERY SINGLE VENDOR

    • Essential Guide to Tipping Your Vendors

    • Wedding Vendors You CAN Live Without

    • CHECKLIST | Hiring Your Wedding Planner

    • Wedding Planner Q & A

    • Day of Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

    • Breaking up with a Vendor

    • Your Wedding Officiant

    • Maximizing Your Time at a Wedding Fair + Checklist

    • Hiring Your CATERER

    • CHECKLIST | Hiring Your Caterer

    • Hiring Your FLORIST

    • CHECKLIST | Hiring Your Florist

  • 11

    DRESS, SUIT, TUX | more shows

    • *ALL NEW!* Road Trip: 100% STRESS-FREE Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

    • Wedding Dress Shopping | The Ultimate Guide

    • Wedding Day Fashion | Tuxedos, Suits & More ...

    • Wedding Dress Alterations, Styling & Accessories, Post-Wedding Preservation Tips & More!

    • Wedding Dress Shopping Dilemmas

  • 12

    BRIDESMAIDS + GROOMSMEN | more shows

    • Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas, Gifts, Dresses, Accessories & more!

    • Your Bachelorette Party

    • Wedding Day Roster | Who Does What?

    • Keeping Your Wedding Party Small

    • Bridesmaid Dresses | Long Distance Shopping Tips

    • Bridesmaid Dresses | Boutique vs Online Shopping

    • Unique Bridal Shower & Wedding Shower Ideas

  • 13

    PHOTOGRAPHY | more shows

    • * ALL NEW!* Capturing Pro-Quality Photos at Pre-Wedding Events

    • CHECKLIST | Hiring Your Photographer

    • Wedding Photography with Sasha Wasio | PART I

    • Wedding Photography with Sasha Wasio | PART II

    • CHECKLIST | Complete Guide to Wedding Photography w/ Sasha Wasio

    • How Important is Videography?

  • 14

    CATERING | more shows

    • DIY Wedding Appetizers

    • DIY Appetizer Shopping List for 100 People

    • Wedding Catering 101

    • Do It Yourself | Appetizers, Desserts & Main Meal Tips

    • Do It Yourself | Beer, Wine, Cocktail Bar

    • Your Wedding Cake

    • Hosting a Dry Wedding

  • 15

    DECORATIONS | more shows

    • *ALL NEW!* Design Your Wedding Reception Decor Like a Pro!

    • *BONUS* 3 Easy Pinterest Tips from a Wedding Industry Pro

    • Affordable Wedding Centerpieces & DIY Flowers

    • Selecting Your Wedding Colors

    • Wedding Flower Secrets

    • Wholesale Wedding Decor

    • Decorating Ideas for a Large Reception Space

    • Candlelit Wedding Logistics

    • DIY Wedding Flowers

    • Shopping Seasonal Sales

    • Mismatched Wedding Details

    • DIY Favor Tutorial | Oreo Pops

    • DIY Favor Tutorial | Mini Painted Pots

  • 16

    ENTERTAINMENT | more shows

    • *ALL NEW!* Crafting Your Wedding Music Playlists (no professional DJ required!)

    • *ALL NEW!* Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will LOVE

    • Your Reception Seating Chart

    • Entertaining Kids at Your Wedding

    • DIY Wedding Favors | Hand Dipped Chocolate Pretzels

    • Managing a Time Gap Between Ceremony + Reception

    • Sharing Your Wedding w/ Loved Ones Afar ...

  • 17

    WEDDING DAY | more shows

    • Creating Your Wedding DAY Timeline

    • Wedding Speeches & First Dances

    • Last Minute Wedding Details

    • Walking Down the Aisle

    • Your Rehearsal Dinner

    • After the Wedding Ceremony

    • CHECKLIST | After the Wedding Ceremony

    • After the WEDDING.

    • CHECKLIST | After the Wedding To Do's

  • 18

    WEDDING LOGISTICS | misc shows

    • *FEATURED EPISODE!* Wedding Insurance, Permits + Licensing

    • *ALL NEW!* Your Guide to a CHEAP + EASY "Staycation" Wedding Planning Retreat

    • *ALL NEW!* Micro Weddings & The HUGE Freedoms of a Intimate Wedding Celebration

    • *ALL NEW!* How To: Create Your PERSONALIZED Wedding Planning Checklist

    • FREE Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Planning Services? Yes, please!

    • Finally Say GOODBYE to Wedding Planning Overwhelm

    • Shining the Light on TEN Wedding Planning "Blind Spots"

    • Involving Your Fiance in the Wedding Plans

    • Your WEDDING WEBSITE | Hassle-Free Tips

    • Wedding Day Beauty & Health Timeline

    • Kiss These Wedding "Etiquette" Rules Goodbye!

    • Reserving Hotel Room Blocks

    • Long Distance Wedding Planning Tips

    • Wedding Weekend | 4-Day Blueprint

    • Earth Friendly Wedding Ideas

    • Managing Wedding Guest Language Barriers

Hiring a FULL-SERVICE WEDDING PLANNER to walk you through the lengthy & confusing process of creating your dream wedding celebration carries a price tag in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

  • In the past, I've personally charged $100 / HOUR for wedding planning services & event consulting.

  • If we do the math using that hourly rate, the precious contents of THE VAULT are worth over $7000!

  • So to share this priceless planning resource with you for just $9.99 / MONTH?

  • AND include a TOTALLY FREE, zero obligation 3-day free trial?!



  • I signed up for the free 3-day trial but don't see the bonus shows or where to ask my wedding questions?

    The free 3-day trial is designed to give you a "sneak peek" at the look & feel of The VAULT. Premium benefits - such as the bonus episodes, question submission, mini-workshops, exclusive videos & checklists - are only available to paid subscribers, after the 3-day free trial period expires.

  • What if I have a question about my wedding that's not addressed in the digital materials?

    This is hands-down my favorite benefit of membership - you hold a *VIP PASS* to Wedding Q&A shows! Send in your unique questions any time, and I'll answer them in detail on an upcoming show.

  • How long does my subscription last?

    Membership is renewed MONTHLY, and you're free to cancel anytime.

  • What's the difference between the free shows and the shows inside The VAULT?

    Free weekly episodes are released in no special order, contain advertisements from our valued partners, and expire after a set number of months. Shows within the Aligned Wedding Effect vault are carefully organized in sequential order of planning importance, are searchable, and are available to you ON-DEMAND, 100% ad-free.

  • What's covered in the 12 BONUS SHOWS?

    I like to think of the bonus shows as virtual "meetings", where we walk through 12 major wedding planning milestones. We'll start with your engagement, and go step-by-step through your entire wedding planning journey. Taken together, these 12 bonus shows are your master wedding planning roadmap - outlining EXACTLY what to do, and when.

  • Are there any 1-on-1 meetings or calls included?

    Sadly, no. This exceptionally affordable price point allows me to help as many couples as possible, but unfortunately doesn't allow for 1-on-1 calls or meetings. As a wonderful alternative, you're welcome to submit your unique wedding questions and/or concerns anytime for Wedding Q&A shows, where I'm able to provide personalized, detailed advice in a group setting.

BREAKING NEWS >>> Planning the happiest day of your life SHOULD BE FUN!

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