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    🧘🏼‍♀️ Exhale & prepare to CONFIDENTLY NAVIGATE every step of your wedding plans with a pro at your side! Kara is the Producer & Host of the Wedding Planning Podcast, and 12-year wedding industry professional. Access hours of her signature friendly, down-to-earth guidance on every single aspect of your wedding plans.


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Let's face it - WEDDINGS have changed a lot over the past couple of years. This is your opportunity to join thousands of engaged couples who have discovered a NEW WAY to plan their dream celebrations.

"Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air!"

Past couples share exactly how The VAULT digital planning package will transform your wedding planning journey from OVERWHELM to EASE:

“Your presence in the wedding industry is a breath of fresh air! ... I want to extend my thanks for your wealth of practical advice & suggestions for circumventing typical wedding industry standards. I've never desired to have a cookie-cutter wedding, and your podcast has given me so much creative insight, AND has made me feel validated in wanting to have a unique + classy wedding that doesn't entirely follow the status-quo.”

Brittany N.

“Thank you so much, you made the wedding planning so much easier and not so overwhelming, and also helped me not completely get out of control with my budget. I loved how accessible the short podcasts were, and in the end, it saved me TONS of money!”


“I was so excited to hear my question when I listened to this week’s show - thanks so much for featuring it, and THANK YOU for being such a huge part in planning our wedding. I remember how overwhelmed it felt at first and how it didn’t feel fun at all. Total 180 now, I'm finally having fun planning. I’m SO HAPPY I stumbled upon Wedding Planning Podcast!”


“I'm doing all my wedding planning myself and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the archive of shows and the extensive content on the Vault. I recommend it to every friend as they get engaged.”

Holly S.

“I was looking for an inclusive wedding planning podcast with a host who supports my wedding as much as any other. And one who is brilliant in all things weddings!! That is my very long thank you, Kara. You make a difference in my life.”

Chris O.

“Thank you so much for these special “support” episodes you are doing during this (COVID-19) pandemic. In such a uncertain situation, knowing we’re all here to support one another is a real comfort. So a BIG THANK YOU!”


“Having access to The VAULT is an amazing resource and covers just about everything - I highly recommend it to others!”

Elle B.

Finally, a down-to-earth guide to help you INTENTIONALLY DESIGN the wedding you want ...

minus the crushing STRESS + EXPENSE + OVERWHELM felt by so many engaged couples.

You've got (what feels like) a million important wedding decisions to make in the coming months. You're equipped with online checklists, free planning timelines, endless articles & wedding blogs, weekly email reminders, and, of course, your loving friends + family members. But without a solid handle on the critical, unseen elements that fill your engagement season with JOY, LIGHTNESS, CONFIDENCE & LOVE? It's incredibly easy to get lost in doubt & decision-fatigue, eventually losing sight of what YOU truly want. Welcome to The VAULT, a revolutionary digital wedding planning package that shows you exactly how to TURN OFF THE OVERWHELM, and step into the joyful, abundant engagement season that you deserve. Get ready to IDENTIFY YOUR PRIORITIES, CONFIDENTLY MAKE HARD DECISIONS, and STAY ON-SCHEDULE & WITHIN YOUR BUDGET from start to finish. Ready to design the wedding YOU want? Let's get started!

It's OK to ditch the "OVERWHELMED ENGAGED COUPLES" corner.

There's an all new way to plan that's JOYFUL, EMPOWERING, and a million times more fun. It's time to stand up + say NO to the "old way" to plan a wedding:

  • Say goodbye to the $72 BILLION DOLLAR wedding industry's priorities, pushed by all the corporate wedding websites via "free" checklists + planning tools.

  • No more UNNECESSARY VENDORS with inflated price tags, confusing packages, sky-high deposits, and intimidating contracts.

  • Let go of all those TIRED, OLD wedding traditions that are embarassing, costly, and aren't meaningful to you.

  • Tune out the RIDICULOUS EXCESS + EXPENSE that's glamorized everywhere on social media.

  • Release FOMO AND FEAR OF JUDGEMENT for what you do, or what you don't do.

  • Unsubscribe to OUTDATED "etiquette" rules that make no sense and wind up costing you time, money & stress!


  • What if I have a question about my wedding that's not addressed in the digital materials?

    Membership includes personalized support and a FRONT OF THE LINE PASS to Wedding Q&A shows. Send in your specific questions anytime 24/7, and I'll answer them in detail {and anonymously!} on an upcoming show.

  • How long does my subscription last?

    Membership is renewed monthly, and you're free to CANCEL ANYTIME. Enjoy a 30-day, money back guarantee - no questions asked.

  • What's the difference between free weekly podcast episodes and The VAULT?

    Free weekly shows of the Wedding Planning Podcast are released in no special order, contain advertisements from our valued partners, and expire after a set number of months. Shows within The VAULT membership package are carefully organized in sequential order of planning importance, are searchable, and are always available to you ON-DEMAND, 100% ad-free.

  • Are there any 1-on-1 calls included?

    Sadly, no. This exceptionally affordable price point allows me to help as many couples as possible, but unfortunately doesn't allow for 1-on-1 calls or meetings. As a wonderful alternative, you're welcome to submit your unique wedding questions and/or thoughts anytime for members-only weekly meetings, where I can provide personalized, detailed advice in a group setting.

Hiring a FULL-SERVICE WEDDING PLANNER to walk you through the lengthy & confusing process of planning your wedding carries a price tag in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

  • In the past, I've personally charged $100+ / hour for wedding planning services & event consulting.

  • If we do the math using that hourly rate, the precious contents of THE VAULT are worth over $7000!

  • So to share this PRICELESS PLANNING RESOURCE with you for just $29.99 / month?

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BREAKING NEWS >>> Planning the happiest day of your life SHOULD BE FUN.

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