Wedding Planning Podcast Vault

Wedding Planning Podcast VAULT

brought to you by Kara L.

Welcome to the Wedding Planning Podcast VAULT

first, THE FACTS.

  • Being engaged is AWESOME.
  • Without a doubt, this one of the most special times of your life.
  • But wedding planning can be ... Overwhelming.  Stressful.  Time-consuming. 
  • And not everyone wants to hire {$$$$$} a FULL SERVICE professional wedding planner in the months leading up to the wedding to help sort it all out!

"Hey there, it's Kara, and I believe that every engaged couple should enjoy the expertise of a down-to-earth, honest, and professional wedding planner."

Welcome to THE VAULT.  

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The Vault is where we lay out a detailed plan for getting you from HERE {*overwhelmed, anxious, confused, stressed out, are these vendors kidding me???*} 

to there:

DREAM WEDDING {siiiiiigh, that was the BEST DAY EVER.}

Even if you have an experienced posse of family & friends helping you with your wedding plans, 

you don't want to miss this opportunity to walk through a complete wedding roadmap - from start to finish - with a wedding industry professional who wants nothing more than for you to plan the perfect wedding ... for YOU.




  • AD-FREE, straight-to-the-point weekly episodes designed to help you approach key wedding planning milestones from a unique perspective,
  • TIME & MONEY saving weekly bonuses like expert wedding planning tips, valuable checklists, behind-the-scenes bonus audio & more,
  • A VIP / FRONT OF THE LINE pass to submit your wedding questions,
  • UNLIMITED access 80+ pre-recorded meetings where we outline stress-free solutions for making the best wedding decisions, and
  • HONEST ADVICE that you won't find anywhere in the wedding industry.  

Planning a beautiful wedding doesn't have to cost a ton of money, stress & time.

The Vault gives you the keys to SIMPLIFY all the things from budget to decor, to vendor selection & timelines.

Your job?  Take a deep breath {because thank goodness finally someone in the wedding industry "gets it"}, sit back and enjoy down-to-earth, professional wedding planning advice on the subway, at the gym, in the car, while you meal prep, or in your cubicle when your boss isn't looking ;)

If you're looking to SIMPLIFY the wedding planning process, and you're craving DOWN-TO-EARTH advice from someone who you can trust, then you can't afford to miss this!



Kara L.
Kara L.
Producer + Host of the Wedding Planning Podcast

Hi!  I'm Kara, and beautiful, meaningful, AND affordable weddings are my passion.

"I believe that every engaged couple should enjoy the expertise of a down-to-earth, honest, and professional wedding planner ..."

Since creating the Wedding Planning Podcast in 2016, I have guided thousands of couples to take control of their wedding plans by offering creative, affordable, and down-to-earth solutions for shaping an unforgettable wedding day.  

Please join us!

Questions about The VAULT?  

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Wedding plans, SIMPLIFIED. Let's get started!